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Are you a Manager in the Lead Battery Industry ?

Get the CAM BOX now, a HIGH-TECH INFORMATION PACK containing everything you should know about the production of lead oxide to have high-performance lead batteries, reduce production costs, implementing a winning business for your company

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The CAM BOX can be yours, now, for FREE

Before explaining what's inside the CAM BOX,

I invite you to watch this video which introduces my company,

CAM - The Lead Oxide Specialists

Hi, I'm Francesco Marfisi.

If your company has lead oxide production lines with ball mills or Barton pots... If it operates in the Automotive, Industrial, Stationary and other battery industries....

STOP and READ carefully, because I have something important to tell you.

Many people think that TODAY it is sufficient to add additives to your paste, or to find the magic formula in production to have high-performance lead batteries

But this is WRONG!

The truth is that today it is not enough to insert the right additives or develop a new recipe for a good battery grid.

In an aggressive global market, you can’t make mistakes, especially if your objective is top quality.

To produce high-performance batteries you should start with your LEAD OXIDE.

Producing Lead Oxide with only a tetragonal structure, is the FIRST STEP to making a battery with guaranteed high cranking power and lifespan.

To get lead oxide with a tetragonal structure,

you will need to produce it with a Ball Mill because it is well known that oxide from Barton pots contains orthorhombic oxide due to the high temperatures reached during that process.

But there's more:

Not all ball mills produce 100% tetragonal oxide

If you want to survive and grow in this era, buying new low-cost machinery may constitute a risk instead of a benefit.

Before anything else you need a METHOD.

If you continue to do what every competitor already does, you lose your uniqueness.

So, your customers can choose the cheapest battery manufacturer.

And, when you are replaceable, people simply choose the best price.

You need to stand out with the right machinery and methods.

To do this, as I’ve already mentioned, you need well- balanced production strategies supported by the CAM METHOD.

I have created the CAM BOX precisely to help lead battery companies understand how they can make tetragonal lead oxide for high-performance batteries.

Inside the tech pack, you will find several booklets:

✔️​ 'Install a new lead oxide line' thanks to the CAM Method'

✔️​'University Report Lead Oxide': a university report of CAM lead oxide analyses

✔️​' Battery Manufacturers’ Success Stories’

CLICK ON THE BUTTON below and fill out the contact form

The CAM BOX can be yours, now, for FREE

Here's what customers say about the CAM METHOD


Luca Pagano - Lead Oxide production operator

With the new generation of MOP24 ball mill installed in the summer of 2021 we are very happy. Compared to old models, oxidation is managed simply.

Problems are resolved intuitively and quickly.

The strength of CAM assistance at all times, including process and production explanations.

With the new SCADA, conducting the MOP is friendly as it is possible to intervene in time thanks to the pre-alarms set.

Operating a CAM mill is very intuitive and simple to learn for beginners.


Fabio De Titta - Operation Excellence Manager

I consider CAM not a supplier but a partner. It was essential in defining the optimal solution in the design phase, reliable and professional in the installation and commissioning phases.

CAM staff has made our challenges their own, accompanying us to success

BAE Batterien GmbH

Sascha Vallentin - Head of Production

Before our contact with CAM our issue was the deviation of oxide content with respect to the target figure in our lead oxide production. The best aspects of our collaboration with the CAM Team has been their quick reaction/support, reliability, and most of all, we feel we have a contact partner for the mill (for our old mill there was nobody able to help us in any question).

With CAM we have a continuous discussion of design, engineering solutions and a feeling of being involved. Today, we have homogeneous oxide production and more efficiency in oxide production. It is a good product.


Serkan Kuru - Project Engineer

Before our Production time is soo high.

You can reduce the production time for curing rooms into factory. Our capacity increased properly.

It will be good for MUTLU.

I liked mostly, your assistance in the commissioning time. Of CAM, first one is quality, second one is good cooperation with Mutlu.

I can recommend your equipment and your experiences.

What you will receive with the CAM BOX

TCO Calculation

The real method to calculate the TCO, Total Cost of Ownership, i.e. the real cost of the machinery you will purchase, throughout its life (don't make any investment if you don't know this data first!)

University oxide analysis

Scientific report performed by the University of L'Aquila on lead oxide produced by a CAM MOP mill

What happens when you contact CAM

Discover the entire procedure with CAM, from the first contact to the commissioning phase of the lead oxide production line

Case histories of successful companies

that are using CAM equipment

But that's not all, I want to add a Special Gift for you!

Do you want to know what it is?


You will receive a Free Project as a gift!

A lead oxide production line project, from the lead ingot conveyor to the oxide storage silos.

This customized project is worth 15,000 €

From this layout you will be able to take

all the footprint measurements that will be useful if you need to install a new production line


Investing in CAM equipment is a zero risk proposition for your company.

All commercial sales in B2B come with a 1 year standard warranty.

CAM, on the other hand, provides a

2 YEAR extended warranty:



there will always be a CAM operations tutor available to assist your operators in case they need any help.

This assistance will be free of charge for the first 2 years.

Yes, you’ve understood that correctly.

In addition to this, all CAM equipment is guaranteed for 2 years.

For any type of problem, we will immediately send spare parts for replacement.


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